The image from Sumberjati

This image stands erect, with no bends in the body (samabhanga). It has four arms with attributes still in its hands. The upper left hand holds a discus (cakra) and the lower left hand rests on a club (gada), while the upper right hand holds a conch-shell (shankha) and the lower right hand holds a rosary (akshamala) in front of the breast. Three of these attributes (the discus, club and conch-shell) are attributes of Vishnu. The rosary is the only attribute that is more commonly found with Shiva.

The image of Sumberjati

The image is wearing a crown, also characteristic of Vishnu. The head is surrounded by a halo. The image is richly adorned with jewellery: a diadem, ear ornaments, necklaces, armbands, wristlets, anklets and rings. The image wears a long loincloth decorated with a pattern that is still in use today (known as the kawung pattern).

Two female deities accompany the god. The one on the right holds her hands in the gesture of meditation (dhyana-mudra), with a lotus flower on the upturned palm. The other female deity holds her hands in what appears to be another gesture of meditation. Two female deities accompanying a male god would indicate that the god is Vishnu with his two wives, Shri and Lakshmi.