Candi Jawi

Candi Jawi is located in the village of Wates (Prigen, Pasuruan) in East Java. The temple stands on a high base and is surrounded by a courtyard and a moat. The entrance of the temple faces east.

The staircase is decorated with a pair of makara which have lion figures in their mouths. In continuous narrative relief, the base of the temple relates a story that has not yet been identified. The temple body contains niches crowned by monster heads (kala). A yoni (the pedestal to hold a linga or image of Shiva) stands in the temple chamber. The highest stone inside the temple chamber shows a man on a horse surrounded by a halo. On the outside the tapering roof is topped by a square block with a stupa-shaped finial.

The temple appears to have been restored, possibly in Shaka 1254 (1332 AD), the date found on a stone at the site. This could have been necessary due to a lightning strike to the temple in 1331 AD, as is mentioned in the Nagarakertagama.