Transfer of Mount Meru/Mandara to Java

(57) Mount Mandara [Meru], the huge mountain that serves as linga of the world, was then in the country of Jambudvipa [India]. For that reason, the island of Java was shaking, it was moving and rocking, because Mount Mandara was not there.

(63) The Guru said: “O you, all the gods, rishis, surangganas, widyadharas and gandharwwas, go to Jambudvipa, you, all my children, to move the Mahameru and bring it to Java. The aim is for it to become a weight, so that the island of Java stands fixed and stops rocking, once the Mahameru here comes. Go, my sons!”

So spoke the Lord to all of them, gods and rishis, widyadharas, gandharwwas and surangganas. They all obeyed and asked for leave to go to Jambudvipa and work together on Mount Mandara. They arrived at the mountain of Jambudvipa, big and tall, reaching the firmament, one hundred thousand yojana high. Hence the distance from the firmament to the earth is one hundred thousand yojana, because the height of the Mahameru was then one hundred thousand yojana. When it was transferred to the island of Java half remained in Jambudvipa. This is why the Mahameru is now half as high as the firmament: it is the lower part of the Mahameru, the top was moved to Java.

All the gods worked together at the task. Lord Vishnu became a snake, infinitely long and big, and was stretched as a rope to twist the Mahameru. Brahma became a turtle, infinitely big, and was used as a basis to twist the Mahameru. The snake wound himself around the Mahameru, and at the same time everyone strained to take the Mahameru away. […]

(65) They rotated Mount Mandara; it arrived on the island of Java, on the West point. [...] Then the western part of the island went down, while the eastern part went up; they took the Mahameru off and removed it to the East. Only its bottom remained in the West; hence there is now the Mount Kailasha, previously the bottom of the Mahameru according to the story. Its top was moved to the East, all the gods were carrying it; pieces of the Mahameru fell off. The first piece [of the Mahameru] that fell became Mount Katong, the second piece that fell became Mount Wilis, the third piece that fell became Mount Kampud, the fourth piece became Mount Kawi, the fifth piece that fell became Mount Arjuna, the sixth piece that fell became Mount Kumukus.

(66) [...] The Mahameru was nevertheless not fixed yet. Finally it was placed so as to lean on Mount Brahma, because the Mahameru would certainly collapse if it did not lean on Mount Brahma because its lower edge was damaged. Hence it had to be placed near Mount Brahma. There Mount Mandara stood firm; thanks to that the island of Java was fixed and stopped moving and shaking, solid and firm.