Candi Jago

Candi Jago is one of four important temples from the Singhasari period, along with Candi Singosari, Candi Jawi and Candi Kidal. It is located in the village of Jago near Malang. It is thought to date from the third quarter of the thirteenth century.

Candi Jago

Candi Jago is one of the larger temples of this period. It consists of a number of large terraces which together form a high base on which the temple body was once located. Only parts of the walls of the temple body are still standing; the roof has disappeared completely.

The terraces are decorated with narrative relief: the first layer contains stories from the Tantri Kamandaka, a text relating animal stories, and another story, which has not been identified; the second layer shows the story of Kunjarakarna; the third layer depicts the Parthayajna featuring the five Pandava brothers; the fourth layer portrays the Arjunawiwaha text, focusing on Arjuna, the third of the Pandava brothers; and the fifth layer, no longer intact, was devoted to the Krishnayana text, focusing on Krishna, one of Vishnu’s incarnations.

Candi Jago terrace, first 3 layersFirst three layers of the terrace

Candi Jago terrace, third layer ParthayajnaTerrace, third layer Parthayajna

Candi Jago terrace, second layer KunjarkarnaTerrace, second layer Kunjarkarna