Gold jewellery

Great care was also taken with the jewellery which resembles gold jewellery [MK1] discovered in Central and East Java. The goddess wears an elaborate tiered headdress, on which one can see a skull and a crescent moon, symbols of Shiva. In addition to the heavy ear pendants, the armlets, the bracelets, the necklace, the belt buckle and the foot straps, she also wears a waist band, two chains, anklets and a belt. Her waist band is adorned with human heads, a detail quite unusual in representations of Durga, which foreshadows the goddess’s demonization as seen in later East Javanese art and described in contemporaneous literature. Her necklace also includes this motif of severed heads and, if one looks closely at her dress, the floral motifs sometimes alternate with the skull motif. The thick cord hanging from her left shoulder and her double anklets are also covered by a motif imitating snakeskin, another detail pointing to the same development.