Ganeshas with skulls

Various East Javanese Ganeshas from more or less the same region and same period are similarly adorned with skull motifs and/or sit or stand on a row of skulls. Probably the earliest example is an image that is still in its original location at Bara (Blitar). Another came from Singosari but is now in the National Museum of Thailand in Bangkok. Yet another Ganesha sitting on skulls can be found in the National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta. A fourth example is the Ganesha from Karangkates (Malang), while a fifth can be seen in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam (no 2960-252). A sixth example is the standing Ganesha from Mount Semeru in Leiden. However, it does not stand on skulls, but does wear jewellery with skull motifs and carries two skull cups.