Early photographs

The earliest known photographs date from 1855. They were made by A. Lecouteux, a photographer from Batavia, during his art tour of Java. He photographed the temple, the two temple guardians, a Durga and an inscription. The photographs seem to have been kept in the museum in Batavia, but it is unknown where they are now. The KITLV holds two photographs by Woodbury and Page dating to 1860: one of the Ganesha (now in Bangkok) and of one of the temple guardians. Four photographs (from Dr Mioulet) were offered to the Batavian Society in 1879. These appear to have been lost. In 1887 R.D.M. Verbeek donated three photographs: of a temple guardian, of the Ganesha now in Bangkok, and of a Nandi, all taken by the Surabayan photographer Salzwedel. The KITLV holds various photographs taken at the Singosari site by this photographer, dated ‘before 1880’ and 1886. It also holds photographs by T.F.A. Delprat from 1895 (‘c. 1900’), one of which shows the Nandi, now in Jakarta; and the photographs from the collection of J.L.A. Brandes  that were used for his monograph on Singosari, published posthumously in 1909. The collections of photographs belonging to the former Committee for Archaeological Research and the Archaeological Service of the Netherlands Indies are kept in Jakarta and Leiden respectively. The Leiden collection can be accessed via socrates.leidenuniv.nl (select Kern Institute collection).