Agastya in the Old Javanese Ramayana

(1) Behold the fabulous peak of the Windhya Mountain. Once it wished to destroy the abode of Indra. Its peak kept growing higher and higher until it threatened to ram into heaven.

(2) Sadly, god Shakra pondered upon the eminent mishap. He went to god Shankara, who had mercy on the world. He ordered Indra to ask the sage Agasti [Agastya] to stay in Java. The purpose was twofold: heaven will be freed from the threat and Java will be purified.

(3) From Mount Kailasa the sage Agasti went southwards, and on his way he asked the Windhya not to grow higher. Out of respect to the holy sage Agasti, the Windhya made itself low and stopped growing, so that it would not run into heaven. The world was delighted.