Tohjaya is not mentioned in the Nagarakertagama, probably because he does not seem to have been the son of Ken Dedes, but of Ken Angrok and another woman, Ken Umang. He was therefore not part of the ancestry of Hayam Wuruk, the Majapahit king in whose honour the Nagarakertagama was written.

According to the Pararaton, Tohjaya only reigned for one year, between 1249 and 1250. By leaving him out completely, the Nagarakertagama suggests that Wishnuwardhana ascended the throne directly after Anushanata (Anushapati) had died in 1248. However, the inscription of Mula-Malurung corroborates the mention of Tohjaya (as Nararya Tohjaya). According to this inscription, Tohjaya ascended the throne in 1248, and he did not succeed Anushapati but Gunging Bhaya, Anushapati’s younger brother.

Both Tohjaya and Gunging Bhaya are described as uncles of Wishnuwardhana. It is possible that Gunging Bhaya, who does not appear in other sources, is Agnibhaya, one of the sons of Ken Angrok and Ken Dedes. According to the Pararaton, after killing Anushapati, Tohjaya also tried to kill Anushapati’s son. However, before he could do so, he was murdered during a palace revolt.

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