Other remains

A great number of sculptures have been discovered in the vicinity that are not linked to a specific structure: a kala head, a seated image, a Parvati, several Ganeshas, four Durgas, two Buddhas, the head of a Garuda, two bulls, a seated Brahma, a seated bull, another Surya-chariot, fragments of rishi images, a reclining bull, several unidentified fragments, a spout image, two makara-spouts, a third rishi image (in addition to the Trinavindu and Marici), several inscriptions (two are lost, the others are in Jakarta, nos. D54 and 109, D87, 88, 70, 111, 112, 150, 151), a sculpture of Prajnaparamita (in Jakarta), and a broken image of Camundi (in Trowulan).