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Quite a number of Surya pedestals have been found at Singosari, including one, now in the MNI, with the image of Surya still intact. Other interesting images include the image of a seated figure with an animal at the front of the pedestal. The animal seems to be a ram, which could identify the image, now badly damaged (only the legs are left), as Agni, one of the guardians of the regions (lokapalas). Another similar image, of which only the legs remain, is carried by a tortoise. This would suggest the goddess Yamuna, for her mount is a tortoise.

Pedestal with Surya at Singosari

Surya and Candra

The most complete image of Surya is in the collection of the National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta. It shows Surya sitting with his right leg over his left leg (sattvaparyankasana) on a two-wheeled carriage drawn by seven horses. A holy halo (prabhamandala or sirascakra) is seen at the back and above the statue. He wears a conical-shaped crown (kirita-makuta), bracelets on both arms and shoulder ornaments (keyura). His right hand on his knee holds a very worn-out item whilst the palm of his upright left hand touches the cloth that hangs loosely at his side. Open hands with blooming lotus flowers on their palms can be seen on several Surya statues. It is possible that the item in the right palm of this statue was a blooming lotus, now so severely worn that hardly anything of it can be distinguished.

The statue also wears a necklace (hara) and a caste cord (yajnopavita) from his shoulder to his waist. The strings of jewellery on each shoulder look as if they are united with the necklace. Both ears have earrings (kundalas) and he is also wearing a waist belt (udarabandha). The decorations on this Surya statue clearly show an East Javanese sculpture style.

Statue of Surya

Three more pedestals decorated with seven horses and therefore originally belonging to Surya images, have survived and are still at the site. (Two of these are shown below, the other is shown above.)

Pedestal with Surya at Singosari

Pedestal with Surya at Singosari


The lokapala deities consist of Indra (east), Agni (south-east), Yama (south), Nairrita (south-west), Varuna (west), Vayu (north-west), Kuvera (north) and Ishana (north-east). At least one, Agni, seems to have been found at Singosari, for one statue carries an animal, presumably a ram, on the pedestal. Agni has a ram as his mount.

Statue of a cross-legged male, presumed to be Agni