Square (alun-alun)

When the first westerners visited Singosari, several sculptures had been gathered together in an open square (alun-alun) to the west of Candi Singosari, where the two giant temple guardians still stand. Among the sculptures were a pedestal with 17 holes (lost?), a huge Ganesha similar to the Leiden Ganesha (now in Bangkok National Museum), two chariots of Surya (at Singosari) and a bell-shaped white stone (at Singosari).

A few sculptures were discovered near to each other to the south of the alun-alun: a huge bull (now in Jakarta); a Brahma (in Leiden); two rishi figures, Trinavindu and Marici (both in Jakarta); and another chariot of Surya.

Large temple guardianTemple guardian