Enclosure wall

The remains of an enclosure wall were still visible at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Reinwardt, who visited the place in 1822, noticed that ‘the way [from Lawang to Malang] was very good and paved with red bricks coming from the exceptionally large ancient enclosure wall, which, in early times, ran around the ancient city’.

Today the only remains of this enclosure are two large pieces of wall probably marking the main entrance to the temple compound. The brick wall must have surrounded the royal compound. Most probably one or more monumental gates gave access to the compound. It is likely that the compound was divided into various courtyards filled with houses made of wood and other plant material, and open pavilions with wooden pillars resting on brick terraces.

Recent excavations by the Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Arkeologi Nasional appear to have brought to light some of the dwelling areas of the city.